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 Narok's GM Application

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Registration date : 2007-07-30

PostSubject: Narok's GM Application   Mon Jul 30, 2007 7:15 am

Hello all, welcome to my GM Application!

Name: Mathias
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Location: Denmark
Account Name: Narok
Ingame Name: Narok

''How long have you been playing on Ultimate Fun Server?''
Well i have been playing for bout a 1-2 weeks. But i noticed this server isnt doing anything about harrassing etc, and im not good at SQL or programming, but im very good at helping people out when disagreement turns into a fights and other stuff we dont want happening, afterall we should all treat people as we want them to treat us. If you choose to make me a GM i would love to solve these problems What a Face

''What time of the day are you online?''
Well i play alot when im not in school, but cba to do anything else on school days so im active pretty much all the time:)

''Can you script in SQL?'' A little, but my computer cant use it somehow Embarassed

''Do you have any past GM Experience?''
I havent been GM before, but i think it would do me good being GM, for future work on realms, i mean one time has to be the first eh?

''Why should we make you GM?''
Well as i said, i just want to help, if you decline my application its alright--
But, im very experienced at World of Warcraft, i like helping people, im great at english, i could english since i was 8, im mature unlike most of my age, im very friendly, funny and i can be trusted by everyone, but ofc i hope you accept me:)

''What would you do as a GM?''
Well after playing about a week on this server i noticed people getting up in fights easy and the GM's only think about bugs and events -- I want to help people get along with eachother to make this game better for us all,
and many people ask for simple stuff where to find anything -- no GM ever answers them and MANY people are using illegal weapons, im very good at solving fights and such, and to help people on LFG Channel it would make it easyer for the rest of u to work:)

''What does being a GM mean to you?''
Well since i havent been GM before i cant really put my finger on this, but i very much love helping people out, so if i become GM i promise you i wont be slacking off in an inn drinking cheap dwarvish beer;))

Thank you everyone for reading my application, hope i see you on
World of Warcraft soon;) If you need to contact me i use msn(Mathias334@hotmail.com) or send me and Email:) Sepia@pc.dk affraid and please reply to this application guys cheers
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Narok's GM Application
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