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 Julli's GM application

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Registration date : 2007-07-31

PostSubject: Julli's GM application   Tue Jul 31, 2007 9:57 am

Name: Julius G.

Age: 15

Gender: M

Location: Iceland

Account name: julli92

Ingame Name: Crazytrain

How long have you been playing on Ultimate? 2 days Surprised

What time of the day are you usually online? And please indicate the timezone: normally from 13:00-02:00 ... it may differ at times my time zone is the same as Greenwich in winter +00.00.

Do you have any past GM experience? (give us a link or name of server): No sir Very Happy

Why should we make you GM? for laughs..,no there isnt any reason im not better then anyone else here .. alot more better then me but i belive i can help those who need help.

What would you do as GM? Assist players, fix bugs if there are( once i find em and learn how to fix em ofcourse :d)

What does being a GM mean to you? Absoult power & destruction.. uhm GM.. like the police i guess.. stops the criminals(hackers:P ) lives to serv the public but has more power then public to help serve better

Can you script in SQL? to be honest.. at the moment.. nope.. not at all but im a fast learner, i do however know the commands.. (the noobish .gm ones :p)

Information about yourself, including hobbies, interests etc: computers, and being with my friends,history and.. stuff ^^

Scripting in SQL is realy important, I want u to know that if u don't know how to script, ur chanse u to be taken is not realy big: aye aye captain


We need a Events GameMaster! right'o

What kinda events u will do?: if i were to choose.. duels, bgs, arenas(including the one in STV) and maybe a marathon xd

Do you have Ideas for new events? Please explain waht will they be:marathon ? Very Happy cross barrens running Very Happy


email is julli92@hotmail.com if you have more questiones
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Julli's GM application
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