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 appenzellers new fpurm <gm> app

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Number of posts : 21
Age : 31
Localisation : united states
Registration date : 2007-07-25

PostSubject: appenzellers new fpurm <gm> app   Wed Jul 25, 2007 3:40 am

This is the mainGM application form!
Please use it, or ur GM applications will be deleted!

Name:justin appenzeller

Age: 21

Gender: male

Location: united states ,michigan

Account name: none yet waiting for reply for <gm> will once i get the go im a gm only for all severs never did SQL on my sever

Ingame Name:will be (gankyu) i know its stupid i ont have one yet. but..

How long have you been playing on Ultimate?
i havent yet but have 3 years of real wow and private server EXP
What time of the day are you usually online? And please indicate the timezone: umm.. eastern united states about 7 hours a day

Do you have any past GM experience? (give us a link or name of server):
yes drakhell funserver i was event gm its down will be backup should be on wow status!
Why should we make you GM?
umm im really nice have gm and wow exp and alot more.
What would you do as GM?
i would help people around and answer all questions and do as the admin wants.
What does being a GM mean to you?
it means alot to me i love helping people and keeping spamers away from others fun
Can you script in SQL?
no but i can probly larn fast
Information about yourself, including hobbies, interests etc:
i am in college at ITT tech for computers getting my master in about a year i love basket ball and MOSTLY WOW
Scripting in SQL is realy important, I want u to know that if u don't know how to script, ur chanse u to be taken is not realy big
i think i know what ypu mean do u mean like (.kil) and others like i said all i need is a chance to learn and i will not dissapoint you.!!!


We need a Events GameMaster!

What kinda events u will do?:i would do like GM take down (free for alls)
monster boss take downs with rewards) and races on foot or mount

Do you have Ideas for new events? Please explain waht will they be:
im not fimilar with the server but myabe a new event would be races or gm take down and a new one would be for 1 player or teams to all face monsters that keep respawing and they get no heals or regen last one standing wins

Add this questions to ur GM application, if u want to be an event GM!
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Number of posts : 15
Localisation : Sweden
Registration date : 2007-07-25

PostSubject: Re: appenzellers new fpurm <gm> app   Wed Jul 25, 2007 1:20 pm

Man isnt 1 gm aply enough?!
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appenzellers new fpurm <gm> app
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