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 Bishop's GM Application form!

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Registration date : 2007-07-25

PostSubject: Bishop's GM Application form!   Wed Jul 25, 2007 6:15 am

Name: Adrian

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Location: South Africa

Account name: bishop

Ingame Name: bishop

How long have you been playing on Ultimate? Just started

What time of the day are you usually online? And please indicate the timezone: I am online when I am awake . My timezone is +2GMT.

Do you have any past GM experience?:
Yes I have been GM/Admin for the following servers:
•Darkrune WoW
•Shatteredhand WoW
•BlackHand WoW
•GamingDimension WoW
•Greater Gain WoW
•Serenity Server
•Tranquility WoW

And a few other minor servers.

Why should we make you GM?
I not only know all the commands better than everyone, but I am kind and I do what I think is best! I have web design skills for website and SQL skills for customs items,etc.
I can also do artwork and various other things.
MY language skills are also fairly good and I speak very good english and Afrikaans.

I am very experienced and love what I do!

What would you do as GM?
Fix bugs, help stuck players, do events and make custom items.

What does being a GM mean to you?
It means alot to me. I can help out people, which I like to do and I can fix things- which I also like todo.
Can you script in SQL?
Yes, not expert at it but I can do it.
Information about yourself, including hobbies, interests etc:
I love art, computers,music and WoW!
I play drums in a band and am first in my college at Computers.

Scripting in SQL is realy important, I want u to know that if u don't know how to script, ur chanse u to be taken is not realy big
I can- quiet well.

What kinda events u will do?:
Hide And Seek.
PVP Arena Duels.
Fraction wars.
Various mini events!

Do you have Ideas for new events? Please explain waht will they be:
Drunk races!

I don't mind being a event or a normal GM! Very Happy
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Bishop's GM Application form!
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