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 Nicke's GM aplication

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Registration date : 2007-07-25

PostSubject: Nicke's GM aplication   Wed Jul 25, 2007 12:21 pm

Hi Im Nicke,and I woud love to be a GM,in my lats post I said that I got experience from other servers.
AgeŽ: 15

Name real world: Niklas karlsson

Location: Sweden

Gender: Male

Account name: larsniklas

Ingame name: Nicke

How long have you been playing at ultimate: Not that long.

What time are you ussally online at the day?: It depends,now in the summer im often online in periods between 9 at the morning to 13-15 at the day, then a night period like 6 after noon to 11 at the night (periods)

Have you any past GM experience? I have past GM experience from 2 servers. But I cant link because both have ben retierd. 1: Maig.no-ip.biz, 2: I dont really remember

Why should we make you a GM? I think you should make me a GM cause that I love to help people and I have experience and know the commands,I will ask You (evil) if I can do the things before I do them.

What would you do as a GM? I would help people if they needed it and don't just use it for fun.

What does being a Gm mean to you? I means that I can help people and do the best as I can to make the players feel great at this server.

Can you script in SQL? I dont really know what that is. but if you tell me Im sure I can learn.

Imformation about yorself: I Like computer games,but also I play Hockey and football,but I play at the days,and when I have training I do that at the night,then I play more later at the night.

What kind of events will you do? I will do many events... 1vs1, 2vs2 all vs all in arena,then I mayby do an other,and if im allowed I will do 1 loser and 1 winner section in the arena.

Do you have ideas for new events? Yes I have, I can do a riding race,hide and seek, if you want that istead of Fight events:P, and all vs 1 boss,flying race, and some more
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Nicke's GM aplication
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