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 Gm Application (XHordeHater)

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PostSubject: Gm Application (XHordeHater)   Fri Jul 27, 2007 2:12 pm

#1 How old you are?
I am 16 years old.
#2 How much you play on day/night
During the day i play about 4-6 hours, night i play about 5-7 hours
#3 How long you are played on Ultimate Server?
On the server, i have played about 2 days.
#4 How long you are played offical WoW ?
I "have" played Official wow for about 2 or 3 years.
#5 Is this you first GM posisiot if not were you was GM and how long ?
I was a GM on a Mango's server for about 1 month, but i could've been one longer, but the Admin of the server didn't feel like updating after a patch for some reason?
#6 How about commands, You know all? or less than 50% of them ?
The GM commands, i know at least 75% of them, if not all of them.
#7 Someting special you want say about yourself ?
I would enjoy being a GM on your server, and look forward to seeing your responce.
#8 Why we need select you why not other persons ?
I have had past experience being a GM and i find myself most suitable for the position. I know how to code in SQL very well and know what i am doing.
#9 What time zone you live in?
I live in Central Time, (U.S. And Canada) (GMT-06:00)
#10 You can play with stupid peoples,Who speak bad english?
I can understand what most people are trying to say in English, so yes i could play with and help them! I am very patient!

I would like to become a Gm for your server because I have had
previous experience being a GM. I know most, if not all of the
GM codes, and I would be a loyal and caring GM and I would help
people out. If anybody needed help with anything,
I will help them out. I would like to be a GM because it is a
big resposablity that I have had before. I know the english
language very well and I know how to type well too(if people
needed help, they could understand what I am saying). Anyways,
I think that it would be fun being a GM(again).
I know how to code in SQL, mainly for editing weapons and
quests and exp rates and things like that.
Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this!

If you have any questions, Please e-mail me at Anonomous57@hotmail.com!
~P.S. Bishop Interviewed Me, You can ask him about me!~
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Gm Application (XHordeHater)
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