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 Fuels app.

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Registration date : 2007-07-25

PostSubject: Fuels app.   Wed Jul 25, 2007 1:40 am

Helo there.

Name: Ole Petter




Account name:linnox3

Ingame Name:Fuel

How long have you been playing on noxxamar? a day aproximatly

What time of the day are you usually online? And please indicate the timezone:not so sure about the timezone...but around 9 hours...

Do you have any past GM experience? (give us a link or name of server):Ive been a GM on WRW server...and on another one i cant remember.

Why should we make you GM? I am used to helping ppl. and i like to help ppl...i am active and online almost every day to 3 -4 am(night)

What would you do as GM? Help ppl...Do some events..

What does being a GM mean to you? To help ppl in need,,,,Helped my friends alot..they always ask me when they wonder something

Can you script in SQL?some

Information about yourself, including hobbies, interests etc: Interests : Computer..Know enough, Football(soccer) .

Scripting in SQL is realy important, I want u to know that if u don't know how to script, ur chanse u to be taken is not realy big.... I am ATM learning more about SQl... i learned Photoshop after a day...Im learning theese stuffs pretty fast.


We need a Events GameMaster!

What kinda events u will do?: Ill set up 2vs2 with rewards in arena.
ill set up players,vs,bosses... Riding championship.

Do you have Ideas for new events? Please explain waht will they be:
Maybe we can do a arena thing in the Arena in STV.... With rewards ofc...
Hide and seek with rewards...( a player hides and the one who finds him...will get rewarded.)
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Fuels app.
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